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All your calendars are displayed here.

Use the search box to find a calendar that you have already created.

Add calendar

To add a calendar, use the button

A modal box will open for you so you can enter the data for the new calendar in it.

All fields marked with * in the modal box are mandatory fields and must be filled in.

Once you have entered all the information, click to create the new calendar.

Bookings | Enquiries | Cancelled bookings


Here you can manage your bookings, add new ones and download a CSV file containing your bookings.


Here you can view all booking enquiries that you have received. You can then change the enquiries to “reserved” or “booked” bookings. They will then be displayed in your calendar.

Cancelled bookings

Here you can view all bookings that have been cancelled.

Design Generator

With the Design Generator, you can influence the appearance of the booking calendar and put together an individual calendar for you.